EazyDraw 3.6 Review

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PROS / This software has a few convenient shortcut tools.

CONS / We had trouble getting the drop-down menus and the Bézier pen to function properly.

VERDICT / EazyDraw is a no-frills application that needs debugging.

Though we found a few helpful shortcut buttons that make using EazyDraw simpler than using other Mac illustrator applications, we found a couple bugs that negated this convenience. The software covers most of the basic tools and file formats, but it is missing a couple key features.


The most notable drawback of EazyDraw is its lack of a freehand brush tool. It does have the pencil tool, so freehand drawing is possible, but you can determine little more than the pencil’s color and line thickness. The varied styles commonly found in other Mac illustration software, such as marker, air brush, sumi-e and more, are painfully absent.

Almost to make up for this deficiency, Dekorra Optics has included a vast library of pre-made shapes. From the typical polygons to more advanced two-dimensional arrows and cylinders, EazyDraw offers nearly any shape variation you can think of. As you’re drawing a polygon or spiral shape, with the mouse button clicked down, you can type a number on your keyboard to determine the number of sides, points or spirals (depending on what you’re drawing). This function, commonly found in the higher-quality applications, certainly set EazyDraw apart from its peers.

We were also surprised to see that this software can convert objects between raster and vector formats; only two other applications we reviewed share this ability. Other common tools, such as a Bézier pen, text and object effects, textures and gradients, templates, tablet functionality, grids and snap-to guides were present, though EazyDraw lacks key tools like multiple artboards, bleed setup, soft proofing capability and opacity adjustment.

File Compatibility

This Mac illustrator software supports a strange mix of file formats. It can open Adobe Illustrator files (.ai), but it can’t work worth Photoshop documents (.psd). It handles vector and bitmap files in both import and export, and even supports some formats not on our review list. It cannot open raw NEF files from professional-grade cameras.

Ease of Use

This category was, by far, EazyDraw’s weakest point. Though the software’s design is simple—almost childishly so, with the hand-drawn appearance of its buttons—and quite easy to navigate, we found what we believe to be a few bugs in the program. The biggest of these is the drop-down menu functionality, or lack thereof. We had problems getting the menus to open, and once they did and we selected an option, we found that sometimes it didn’t apply the option we selected. This significantly slowed down our workflow in this Mac illustrator.

Another bug-like problem that we found is in the functionality of the application’s Bézier pen. As we used it, the curves jumped erratically about on the screen with the slightest nudge of our cursor. Because they are based on mathematical formulae, Bézier curves should move smoothly and predictably. We suspect that the formulae are not coded properly in the program files.

Help & Support

Fortunately, EazyDraw has a solid help and support base. This Mac illustrator’s website is dedicated to just that product, so you don’t have to sift through support options for multiple applications. It has a link to send an email to Dekorra Optics, and you can use a form to report bugs or request features. The site also has a link to a user forum. The FAQs are limited to purchase questions; developers insist on the support page that they avoid software-related FAQs, stating, “We believe that if a question is asked frequently – something should be fixed and we fix it.” You can access tutorials and the user manual through EazyDraw’s help menu.


Overall, we found several ease-of-use drawbacks in this Mac illustrator software. If these bugs are fixed, EazyDraw will be a fine choice. Until then, check out other reviews of the top Mac illustrators to find one that works for you.